Drip Straps

The first and only high performance aftermarket ladder straps for snowboard bindings available in 9 different colors so you can customize the style of your bindings and shred harder/safer. Drip Straps are high performance replacement ladder straps made from nylon like the highback and baseplate of snowboard bindings. Nylon has almost triple the tensile strength of the TPU plastic that is featured in typical ladder straps ( Nylon has 12,400 psi vs 5076 psi for TPU). As we all know TPU is the standard material for ladder strap production. Drip Straps are nylon and give you more control on steep technical terrain and allow the rider to generate more power/pop for jumps, ollies, butters, digging trenches, etc…


  • High performance custom aftermarket ladder straps allow the rider to transfer more power through their bindings to board
  • The first and only ladder strap made from Nylon (Nylon is almost 3x stronger than the TPU plastic featured in average ladder straps)
  • The first and only ladder straps available in 9 colors


  • More power for Jumps/Ollies/Butters/Trench Digging/Steep Technical Riding
  • Reliability: much less strap breakage with nylon vs TPU plastic
  • Ability to make your old bindings look rad again
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