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Snow White Technologies Mission

Eliminate the bench! We want to give snowboarders a simple and safe high-performance binding solution that eliminates frustration and creates more awesome. Our goal is to eliminate the benches and snowboarders that sit in front of the lifts blocking the exit lanes. Our mission is to improve the safety and user experience for snowboarders & skiers in turn keeping the lifts on the mountain spinning at full speed.


The Product

The Speed Strap is a revolutionary snowboard binding system that can be added to most any traditional ladder strap bindings. It gives you the access of a Step In with the performance of the traditional ladder strap bindings that we all know and trust. It is the world’s first ladder strap binding system that allows you to hook up your bindings on the fly as you exit the lift, eliminating the need to stop, sit down and strap in. Having access to the footbed at all times, allows you to step into your binding when exiting the lift, giving you rear and lateral support, which is much safer than using a stomp pad. As you ride away from the lift, you can easily reach down with one hand to hook up your bindings as your foot is already secured in the footbed when you exit the lift. The Speed Strap is an adjunct kit so you sacrifice nothing in terms of performance, comfort and style. You can rock your favorite bindings and comfy boots with the brands and color ways you prefer.


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