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Our Mission: Eliminate the bench! We want to give snowboarders a simple and safe high-performance binding solution that eliminates frustration and creates more awesome. 

The Product: For less than the cost of a lift ticket you’ll never need to sit to strap in again. The Speed Strap is a revolutionary binding system that can be added to almost any snowboard binding. It gives you the access of a Step In with the performance of the traditional 4 strap bindings that we all know and trust. It’s the first 4 Strap binding system that allows you to put your board on while riding or exiting the lift.

The Story:I have been snowboarding since 1991… Yeah I said it, 1991, I’m old and snowboarding was just starting out!!

As the years have passed snowboard binding fads have come and gone. Remember Step ins… LOL… As the time has passed my back has gotten weaker and my stomach has unfortunately gotten bigger and some days I have more beers than I like to admit... That is a terrible combination when it comes to the hardest part of snowboarding… Hooking up your bindings.

Every year it feels like it gets a little bit harder to hook those damn bindings up and sadly I have seen boarders actually switch from boarding to skiing because of it.

A few years ago I got so frustrated struggling with my traditional 4 strap bindings that I accidentally kicked my board down the hill in a fit of rage and had to embarrassingly watch my board ghost ride down the hill unattended.

As I took the walk of shame down the hill I started to think about a way to improve the snowboard binding and the light bulb went off!!! I went to the local piercing/tattoo shop and created the first “End Cap” for my board with a lighter, a paper clip and a nose ring… Speed Straps were almost finished… LOL…

And then I went to The Pear Lake Hut, which changed everything.

It was my first time going into the back country and it is located deep in the Eastern Sierras near Sequoia National Park.

On that trip I truly learned what being efficient with your movements actually means and how that translates into the need for calorie consumption… Skinning and snowshoeing and earning every beautiful turn… Efficiency is king in the back country and if you get stuck in a white out like I did, you never forget it.

After that trip I knew I had to take my idea a step further and figure out if there was a way to improve the snowboard binding in a real and meaningful way…

What if I could hook up my bindings more efficiently in the back country… What if I didn’t have to sit in the snow or on one of those cattle benches every time I need to hook up my bindings…  What if I could hook them up on the chair lift… What if I could fit that third beer in my belly after lunch now… What if I could finally get off the lift faster than my snobby, elitist skier friends instead of having to make them wait… After getting an industrial designer on board and tons of blood sweat and tears I finally was awarded my patent and Snow White Technologies was born!!

Our mission is to rid ski resorts of those stupid benches and change the snowboard binding industry forever!!

Skiers will never beat us off the chair again!

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