I’ve had a lot of bindings throughout my career so far and had a lot of ladders break, sometime at the worst possible times. My toe strap broke at the first World Cup this past season and it was quite frustrating because they were almost brand new bindings. So to have ladders made from a higher quality material like nylon in the Drip Strap makes me feel a lot better going into this season and Olympic year. To have reliable ladders is huge and I’m also really excited that the robust nylon will give me a more powerful response when I’m putting a lot of torque through my board on course. When I can count on my gear and know that it will give me the ability for high performance and to compete my best, all that I have to worry about is myself and that is more important than ever when everything is on the line.

- Stacy Gaskill, Team USA Olympic Snowboarder

I was finally afforded the chance to test out my strap yesterday at Big Snow in NJ. What an unbelievable difference! I didn't have to sit down once all day. This is far and above the best money I have invested into the sport. Thank you 

-Corey-Jason S. 

Speed Strap is a fun and innovative way to go from the lift to full send mode, skipping the benches and grueling board slaps/scratch with other benchers. GO SEND with Speed Strap. 

-Alex M. Ski Patrol



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