Speed Strap Kit - White

Speed Strap Kit - White

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How it Works: The Speed Strap is comprised of 3 main parts: 2 End Caps, The XL Ladder Strap & The MagneCatch System.

Because the XL Ladder Strap is so long and lays in front of the toe strap it allows the footbed to stay permanently open and free of “Strap Blockage.” This feature allows you to put your boot in the binding instead of the stomp pad when exiting the lift. Exiting the lift with your boot in the binding vs a stomp pad is inherently safer and the way the board was designed to be ridden in the first place. You can also keep your eyes forward to avoid benches, skiers and sitting boarders while you tighten the Speed Strap as you exit the lift.

Kit Contains the following:
1-XL Ankle Ladder Strap
1-XL Toe Ladder Strap
1-End Cap (toe)
1- Magnetic End Cap (ankle)
1-Magna Catch
1- Rubber Washer


***The Speed Strap does NOT work with Burton’s diagonal ladder straps featured on the: Malavita, Genesis, X-Base, Escapade, Lexa, Hitchhiker etc…

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